We do the work. You enjoy the results.

Factory Rep Blinds is a local, full service start-to-finish window covering company dedicated to taking the hassle out of your window covering experience. Whether you’re new to the area or your family has lived in the Inland Northwest for generations, we understand the regional climate, lifestyle and the little nuances that make your window treatments really work for you.  And as a family owned business, we really care about making sure your window covering experience is the best one you’ll ever have.

What’s in a name? As a factory representative for over 35 years representing the top major manufacturers, Gerry Yates trained hundreds of interior designers, sales teams for floor covering and window covering dealers how to develop the best practices for measuring, selecting and installing window coverings. Along the way he and his growing family had the opportunity to install thousands of blinds as well.

Now Gerry Yates and his staff at Factory Rep Blinds brings this industry knowledge to you for your benefit. As a result, you can rely on us to provide beautiful results without the hassle.

What’s the difference between us and online sellers or home improvement stores?

What about those “measurement guarantees”? When it comes to measuring and installing,  you may be able to do it yourself.  However, if you make a measuring or installation mistake, watch out.  Those “measurement guarantees” still include replacement shipping fees and potential upcharges for replacing mis-measured or incorrectly installed blinds.   Not to mention you are measuring and installing your blinds twice. Ouch.

When working with Factory Rep blinds, we take this added hassle and cost out of your experience.  We’ve installed thousands of blinds and know the ins and outs of measuring and installing correctly.  If we make a mistake, we fix it on our dime.  No extra charges.  No replacement shipping costs.  No hassle. You save hours, even days of your time.

In short, we do the work while you enjoy the results. Would you like a free consultation or have a simple question?