Who Are Roman Shades For?

Roman Shades have become some of the most popular styles of blinds on the market today, and for good reason. But, who are Roman Shades for, anyway and what is there advantage over other types of blinds?

So, who are Roman Shades for anyway?

Romans are for homeowners who want a luxurious look and feel and desire a higher level of privacy and light control.

With a wide range of fabric styles, colors, and patterns to choose from, Romans offer a warmer, softer look than say a mini-blind or even some wood or woven blinds. Also, Roman Shades offer a higher insulative value than other types of blinds, resulting in lower energy costs.

Do all Roman Shades have the same overall look?

There are three basic styles of Roman Shades, including Soft Romans, Hobbled Romans, and Flat Romans.

  • Hobble Romans – offer more overlapping fabric

  • Flat Romans – Less fabric than Hobbled and it doesn’t fold over

  • Soft Romans – “Saggy” in the middle

Who Shouldn’t Buy Roman Shades?

If you have a view you want to showcase and even enhance by controlling light, Romans are probably not for you. The reason is that most styles of Roman Shades will completely block your view when closed.

If you want to maintain your view while controlling light and heat, you may want to consider roller shades, or slatted blinds such as horizontal or mini-blinds. These will allow you to block light partially in varying degrees, maintaining or even enhancing your view.

Is installation more difficult for Roman Shades?

Romans require more window casing depth due to the average depth of the blind itself. As a result, most Romans are mounted outside the window casing (“outside mount”). This style of installation is more energy efficient and shuts out more light. Many believe it is more elegant as well. However if you’re wanting to showcase your window casing’s wood-work, Romans may not be the right choice.

What if you’re on a budget?

Romans aren’t the least expensive style of blinds. If you’re on a tight budget and just want a basic window covering, there may be better alternatives.

In summary: Roman Shades are popular because of their premium, luxurious look and feel as well as wide array of styles and colors available. If you aren’t trying to enhance a view, and are wanting a high degree of light and temperature control in a high fashion blind, Romans might be for you.

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