Should You Install Window Coverings Yourself? It Depends . . .

While installing window coverings isn’t rocket science, there are some things you should know so you are prepared.

Many people install their own blinds. While some would do it again, many would opt for a professional the next time around. Why would someone hire a professional to install window coverings?

First, no two window covering projects or windows are the same. A host of unanticipated issues can arise when attempting to measure and install your blinds. From windows that aren’t square, to missing anchor points or even mis-sized blinds.

Use this DIY Checklist to help determine if installing your own window coverings is a good move.

Window Covering DIY Checklist

  • Are your windows ‘square’? Believe it or not, most window casings aren’t perfectly square. Often when installing window coverings this isn’t a big deal. However sometimes this can affect how a blind closes. A window out of square can cause a blind to seize up when closing, buckle or have unsightly gaps. A professional blind installer can compensate for this in how he measures your window casing and specifying your blind’s dimensions.

  • Do your walls have sufficient anchor points? Some styles of window coverings require more sturdy anchor points than others. A motorized shade for instance will be heavier than a simple manual shade. This added weight and the fact it has moving parts means the anchors should be able to bear more weight and keep the blind completely secure and in place while retracting and closing. Does your window casing have the necessary framing to support a heavier blind with moving parts? If not, your professional window covering installer will be able to detect and make necessary modifications.

  • How about those free samples? What can be better than free samples? How about all the samples you could possibly want, delivered to the comfort of your home all at once, with an expert to answer questions about each . . . and STILL FREE? Instead of guessing which samples you may want and ordering them a few at a time, a knowledgeable, not-pushy Factory Rep Blinds team member will deliver them to you and be available to answer your questions, on the spot – in the comfort of your home. No back-and-forth. No guessing. No “round two” sample ordering. One and done. And . . . FREE!

  • What about “Mis-Measure” guarantees? You’ve heard the ads. “It’s so easy and if you DO mis-measure your windows, we’ll replace your blinds for free!” Well, kind of. Here’s the thing about mis-measures. They cost everyone time and money. The online blind re-seller make up for this by charging you a return or replacement fee, along with shipping on your replacement blinds.. How do YOU make up for time and fees? You measured your windows, selected and ordered your blinds, tried to install and… now you have to do it all over again. Why not let Factory Rep Blinds truly take the hassle out of your blinds experience? We do all the work. You enjoy the results.

  • What is your time worth? Let’s face it. You’re probably at a point in your life where your time has value. At 25 and with no money, it was worth spending hours and hours on a DIY project. Even fun! But now? You’ll quickly discover that choosing Factory Rep Blinds to take care of your measuring and installation was a GREAT decision. Not only will we save you hours, maybe days of time and hassle, but our price is quite reasonable. So, enjoy a decision well made! We do all the work. You enjoy the results.